Osman Nusairi



Osman Nusairi


Osman Nusairi works as a consultant on the MAC project. He has guided the research into the Sudanese objects at the Royal Engineers Museum, has co-authored research publications and provided translations. Where he has substantially contributed to entries on this archive you will see the identifier ON.
Osman studied in Sudan and the UK. He has been living in London since 1972 but has remained involved in Sudanese issues.He writes plays in both Arabic and English as well as translates. He was a lecturer at The Institute of Music and Drama and a director in the National Theatre in Sudan before coming to the UK, where he continued to research and write, for the BBC and elsewhere. His research and translation work on the Mahdiya includes translating Arabic texts on the Mahdi, including volumes of correspondence and memoranda, and other materials written by Sudanese historians and contemporaries of the Mahdiya.


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