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The Powell-Cotton Museum


The Powell-Cotton Museum is an independent charity responsible for a nationally significant collection of world cultures, natural history, fine and decorative arts


1896 - present




Birchington, Kent, UK

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Title Alternate label Class
Toy cattle horns carved from branch of wood, two sharpened prongs for horns Physical Object
Doll formed entirely from wax with hairstyle; eyes; nose; mouth; arms and breasts. Physical Object
Black and white top knot made from animal hair. Physical Object
Black and white beaded ear pendant Physical Object
Red, blue and white beaded ear pendant. Physical Object
Brides hair ornament of plaque with beads. Physical Object
Small string and bead wristlet. Physical Object
Beaded neck collar with a fibre core. Physical Object
Opalescent wire necklet, with a piece of bark tied on. Physical Object
Belt, with ivory buttons and opalescent beads. Physical Object
Ostrich eggshell and blue beaded necklace. Physical Object
Blue, yellow, green and gold beaded earring. Physical Object
Ostrich eggshell hip belt; numerous rows threaded together. Physical Object
Ostrich eggshell belt; eighteen rows threaded together and covered in lukula red powder. Physical Object
Blue glass beaded mourning necklet. Physical Object
Blue glass beaded mourning necklet. Physical Object
Blue glass and ostrich eggshell beaded bride's bandeau. Physical Object
Plaited wristlets (4) Physical Object
Brass cog, possibly used as earring. Physical Object
Brass cog used as an ornament. Physical Object
Brass, diamond shaped medallion with hook fastening and cross hatched design. Physical Object
Conus shell, possibly used as a fixture to a backstrap. Physical Object
Reed back strap decorated with a cog and two conus shells either side. Physical Object
Mother's belt/pendant made of palm fruit and nuts. Pendant at front. Physical Object
Necklace made of tubular beads constructed from the reed plant. Physical Object