Discussion of the objects at Khama III Memorial Museum in 2019.



Discussion of the objects at Khama III Memorial Museum in 2019.


One of the first things JoAnn and I did after arriving in Serowe was to work through pictures of Brighton Museum's collection of objects from Botswana with Scobie, Gase and Winani. We talked alot about the correct terms to use from the objects but the recording also include anecdotes triggered by the objects and discussion about how few of the things some team members recognised. The recording is in two parts. Relevant information from the first recording has been added to the individual object records. (NSty 22/09/2020)
In order to listen to the recordings scroll down to other media and click on one of the files.


05 August 2019


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Title Alternate label Class
Cloak; Cape; Mothikga; Apron; Back Skirt; Kaross Physical Object
Hat; Hutse; Mokorotlo Physical Object
Corn Bag; Sack; Quiver; Motsistana ; Motsisana; Motsitsana Physical Object
Ostrich egg shell; Water container; Sekgapha sa lee la ntshe Physical Object
String Apron; Makgabe Physical Object
Cloak; Cape; Motati Physical Object
Bullet Pouch; Belt; Lebantê Physical Object
Ornament; Belt; Sebaga Sa Letheka Physical Object
Ornament; Belt; Makgabe Physical Object
Hat; Thoro; Thoro ya lelodi La moretwa le bojang; Hutse Physical Object
Bowl; Winnowing basket; Lesêlô Physical Object
Bag; Kgetse; Kgetsana; Sekgwama Physical Object
Beadwork; Dolls Dress Physical Object
Necklace; Sebaga Physical Object
Necklace; Pheko Physical Object
Necklace Physical Object
Bracelet; Lesêka la Lenaka le Tlou Physical Object
Snuff Spoon; Lemeku Physical Object
Snuff Container; Nakana Physical Object
Snuff Container; Nakana Physical Object
Horn Vessel; Tumbler; Kopi; Bekere Physical Object
Calabash; Gourd; Container Physical Object
Basket; Sesigwana Physical Object
Bowl; Milk Pail; Kgamelo Physical Object
Calabash; Gourd; Milk Container; Phaana ya Mongobolo Physical Object