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Khama III Memorial Museum


Khama III Memorial Museum is a museum in Serowe. It was founded in 1985.
"The office, admin block was what we started with. The main building of the museum was in a bad shape, so it couldn’t be used for exhibitions. It was in a bad state. It was before we added these walls, it was an open exhibition area. This was an exciting moment for us, we couldn’t have one exhibiton for an extended period, people would get tired of seeing the same thing over and over. That made us tasty, to always be doing different things.
The idea of a museum in Serowe was ther long back from the 70s or earlier. Mostly it was volunteers from outside Botswana and then when their time was over, they’d go back to their countries leaving what they’d started. Someone else would come five years later and stumble over it, and take it over. So it was an up and down hiccup thing with the development of the museum. Then Halima Motsete was also mentioned in the history of the museum in Serowe – the stories, the famous flogging of a white man, the marriage, the signing of the mining treaty and ya, so many other things happened here. But it wasn’t until the 1980s when really the role of the museum in Serowe was really fully paid. Lapetse - Sekedi Khama’s son donated the whole property – it belonged to his father, he donated it saying you can have it and do the museum here. Then three was a man, a biologist interested in insects, from Denmark, he was also going to be part of it. He’d sit in meetings with the interim committee. Being from Denmark, he connected with his home country and found a qualified curator from Denmark to move things along and Maria came and suddenly things went the right away. But Maria and the entomologist didn’t get along, they had a fall out and he continud working with his insects with the Serowe farmers brigade, and that was later donated in the National Museum in their natural history corner. The lady stayed on and worked with Alec Campbell still at the National Museum. He helped with ideas. Also giving support. The baskets travelled from the national museum, and went around Serowe, Francistown. "

Description of the Museum History by Scobie Lekhuthile.

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