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Fergus Nicoll


Fergus Nicoll is a journalist and author, currently presenting Business Matters on the BBC World Service. Where he has substantially contributed to entries on this archive you will see the identifier FN.
Fergus is also an experienced researcher and historian with a PhD from the University of Reading. He has published a biography of the Mahdi of Sudan called The Sword of the Prophet: The Mahdi of Sudan and the Death of General Gordon (2004). Other publications include An Index to the Complete Works of al-Imam al-Mahdi (2009), Bibliography of the Mahdia (2010) and Gladstone, Gordon. In 2014, Fergus produced the first in a series of annotated editions of important primary sources relating to the Sudan wars: A Cool, Equable Judgement: The Sudan Journal of Lt.-Col. J. Donald Hamill-Stewart. This was followed up in 2017 with : A Perfect Pandemonium: The Khartoum Journal of Major-General Charles Gordon and in 2018, by: Fully Equal to the Occasion: Frank Power and the Siege of Khartoum.
Fergus works as a consultant for the Making African Connections project, researching the collection of the Royal Engineers museum, creating content for the online archive and co-curating an exhibition which was due to open in July 2020.


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Anṣār wax seal Physical Object
Facsimile of hand-drawn map by Gen. Gordon Physical Object
Annotated Drawing of Nile Physical Object
Gordon letters to Ottoman and European representatives Physical Object
Banner carried by Anṣār (الأنصار) Physical Object
Sudanese prayer beads Physical Object
Anṣār dagger sheath Physical Object
Anṣār powder horn Physical Object
Facsimile of messages sent by Gen. Gordon from Khartoum, 21-27 April and 30 July 1884 Physical Object
Photographs of Sudan and Egypt, 1880s Physical Object
Sudan Exploration Limited: 8 page report and various maps of Sudan. Physical Object
Anṣār (الأنصار) banner Physical Object
Facsimile of a Map Drawn by General C.G. Gordon, R.E at Khartum, March 17. 1874 of his Route from Suakin to Berber and Khartum Physical Object
Anṣār (الأنصار) Banner Physical Object
Anṣār (الأنصار) Banner Physical Object
Anṣār (الأنصار) Banner Physical Object
Necklace Physical Object
Tambūra Physical Object
Currency note issued by Gordon during the siege of Khartoum Physical Object
A currency note issued by Gordon during the siege of Khartoum Physical Object
Curved dagger and black leather scabbard Physical Object
MAHDI'S TOMB Physical Object
Two pages of Arabic script Physical Object
Tambura Physical Object
Anṣār (الأنصار) banner Physical Object