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The Powell-Cotton Museum


The Powell-Cotton Museum is an independent charity responsible for a nationally significant collection of world cultures, natural history, fine and decorative arts


1896 - present




Birchington, Kent, UK

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Title Alternate label Class
Doll carrier made from cow hide. Physical Object
Bandeau with string of cowries sewn down entire length and horn at the end. Physical Object
Doll moulded from wax on forked stick [body and legs]; masambala seed eyes; dressed in cowhide apron and beaded belts. Physical Object
Doll moulded from wax and forked stick legs; wearing blue beaded necklace; textile apron; leather belts. Physical Object
Doll, moulded from wax, with plaited hair, stylised rear end and forked stick legs. Physical Object
Corn husk doll wearing geometric patterned blue and white apron; stylised hair moulded from wax; decorated with masambala seeds. Physical Object
Corn husk doll with red textile apron, moulded breasts and stylised hair from wax and masambala seeds. Physical Object
Large doll with grass fibre and grass collar, adorned with bottle opener in hair. Physical Object
Doll, made of corn husk with clay breasts, beaded hair and baby in sling. Adorned in printed textile. Physical Object
Cylindrical doll bound with fibre, with plaited hair decorated with buttons and loops of trade beads. Physical Object
Tall doll moulded from beeswax and lukula red powder, with trade bead neck roll and skin apron. Physical Object
Doll, made from palm nuts, adorned with textile apron and glass bead fringe Physical Object
Doll made of Beeswax and forked wooden stick, with adornments and textiles Physical Object
Large doll with wooden core body wrapped in fibre netting, circular plaited arms with various bracelets. Physical Object
Wooden core body, wrapped in netted fibre. Has fibre hair, plaited arms, and beaded fingers. Physical Object
Doll made from wooden core covered with fibre netting, and grass collar stand at base. Physical Object
Wooden doll covered in fibre netting; collar base stand of palm leaf; string plaited hair; brass pin breasts. Physical Object
Large cylindrical doll. Wooden base, netted fibre and string hair decorated with glass beads. Physical Object
doll, stout, carved of wood with stylised limbs and bent knees. extensive adornment. Physical Object
Palm nut doll dressed in hide and skin back and front aprons. Physical Object
Carved figure of white wood; straight legs and simple features. Physical Object
Three carved figures wrapped in netting; to be worn at neck. Physical Object
Dolls baby carrier made from cattle skin; decorated with pendant strings of embe fruit stones (in a double layer). Physical Object
Doll's bed; small woven mat of woven bamboo strips. Physical Object
Toy cow moulded from clay. Physical Object