Sudanese Jibbah in UK Institutions (dataset)



Sudanese Jibbah in UK Institutions (dataset)



This dataset was created by Elvira Thomas during the summer of 2020 as part of her Junior Research Associate Project funded by the University of Sussex.
This dataset was created as part of the wider investigation of jibbah held in UK institutions. Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic which restricted close contact with the jibbah held at REM, this part of the project became a crucial element of research. There were three main goals for this investigation:

1. to produce an estimate of the amount of Sudanese jibbah existing in UK cultural institutions
2. to locate, record and publish a list of these artefacts to make them knowable to ‘source’ communities or anyone searching for Sudanese heritage in UK institutions
3. to analyse digital catalogue entries (accessibility, data prioritisation and linguistic analysis) of the jibbah held in UK institutions and consider to what extent legacies of colonialism are encountered in the digital display of plundered artefacts held in the UK


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September 2020

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