Omba (sing.) Eemba (pl.) Conus shell



Omba (sing.) Eemba (pl.) Conus shell


The ends of conus shells are used to make large button-like ornaments, omba in Ovakwanyama. They are expensive and prestigious decorations and are worn as part of necklaces, belts or leather straps hanging from the waist, examples of all of these are found in the Powell-Cotton collection. (NSty 07/10/2019)
In an interview in August 2019 Tresia Shekudja explained that these, like other shells, came from the river. She explained that a cow was killed by the river and disembowelled, over night the animal in the shells would come to eat the entrails and they would be harvested in the morning. Tresia stated that Omba were not as big now as they used to be. (NSty 08/10/2019)

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Conus shell, possibly used as a fixture to a backstrap. Physical Object
Reed back strap decorated with a cog and two conus shells either side. Physical Object
neck ornament Physical Object
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Interview with Tresia Shekudja Event