Understanding what you find

Each entry in the Making African Connections Digital Archive contains descriptive information about an object, thing, or person. This information is arranged into metadata 'elements'. These elements are, in most cases, derived from fields in museum catalogues maintained by our project partners. In order to create a database searchable across multiple museum collections, the source information had to be adapted to fit a schema that worked for many museum catalogues. If you are unsure what is meant by any of the information you find, we recommend you consult the relevant catalogue explainer, links to which are found below. If further assistance if required, please contact one of the project team.

  • Inbal Livne and James Baker, 'A History of the Powell-Cotton Museum Electronic Database, with notes on fields used in Making African Connections' (September 2019)
  • Kathleen Lawther, 'History of the Documentation of World Art Collections at Royal Pavilion & Museums' (January 2020)
  • Danielle Sellers, 'The Royal Engineers Museum Collection and Database' (March 2020)


If you have any questions or queries about the Making African Connections Digital Archive, please contact Prof JoAnn McGregor.