James Baker



James Baker


Project Co-Investigator.
I worked on the project as a Co-Investigator. Though I'm a historian, I'm not an expert on colonial collecting. Instead my role on the project was focused on the digital aspects of the project: I built and maintain the Making African Connections Digital Archive, I planned and managed the digitisation and cataloguing work, I made the bulk uploads happen, and I managed the long-term digital preservation of the project outputs. I'm a firm believer that building a website is an intellectual act, and so as much as possible I've tried to ensure that the values, principles, and approaches that underpin the project inform the design, maintenance, and delivery of its digital components (see the 'Our Archival Values' page for more info).
In September 2021, James joined the University of Southampton as Director of Digital Humanities. He continues to maintain the project infrastructure as part of his work at Southampton Digital Humanities.


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