Napandulwe Shiweda



Napandulwe Shiweda


Napandulwe is an advisor to the MAC project working on the Northern Namibian and Angolan collections held at the Powell-Cotton Museum. Where she is referred to or has substantially contributed to entries on this archive you will see the identifier NSh.
Napandulwe works at the University of Namibia where she is a senior lecturer in Visual Culture and a heads the Social Sciences Division in the Multidisciplinary Research Centre. Her research raises issues of the past with the visual analysis of photographs in the making of Omhedi; the restoration of the Oukwanyama kingdom; and its installation at Omhedi after Namibia’s independence in 1990, posing key questions about shifts in political legitimacy in both the colony and the post-colony. Her recent research has focussed on the history of migrant and contract labour in Namibia.
Napandulwe plays a key role in the project attending workshops in the UK, advising the Powell-Cotton Museum about the Angola/Namibia collections and conducting interviews about the collection. Additional funding, received from Arts Council UK, means that Napandulwe will also be leading on commissioning and acquiring contemporary artefacts for the Powell-Cotton collection and advising on how this new material is displayed. This work is currently on hold due to COVID 19 but we hope to resume it soon.



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